About Cordyceps.finance


Defi used to make everyone crazy. It's like a diamond, and everyone is flocking to it. Now, it seems that it has faded its original bright edge and become a little dim. Will it glow with new life? I don't know. However, the arrival of Cordyceps is a very exciting thing. It is Tron first Defi experiment project to verify the token and mine. The team is established by the early Ethereum developers and has extensive development experience. At the same time, we have a common goal, that is to bring different contents to the homogeneous Defi ecology, and hope to let Defi redistribute new life again. At the same time, we have noticed that more and more fraudulent projects have ruthlessly emptied users' wallets. Therefore, we have put forward new requirements for the security of users' funds. We have rewritten dozens of contracts. In the future, even if there is some unknown risk bugs in the Cordyceps contract, we also hope that the user's token will still be in the user's wallet. At any time, it will be safe. Of course, the acquisition of Cordyceps is also free. After more than a month of development and debugging, Cordyceps is live!

0x1 What is the Cordyceps token?

Cordyceps token is a new experimental trc-20 Defi token with a total amount of 30,000.The team has no pre-mine, no founder shares.All tokens will be distributed in the sprit of YFI,and there will be a dividend mechanism.

0x2 how to get the Cordyceps token?

Cordyceps mining is very simple, no authorization token,and no stake token is required. Mining can be started only by verifying the number of tokens.

0x3 How to prevent users from mining illegally?

We will take the 24-hour online polling of the clear-bot to immediately remove the illegal users from the chain.At the same time, all players can find and clear the illegal users through the [clear] page.

0x4 Will Cordyceps token be listed on JustSwap?


0x5 About withdrawal rate

The withdrawal rate will be reduced from 75% to 15%, and it will decrease linearly in 5 days. Starting from the verification token mining, of course, the withdrawal reward will refresh the time again. This mechanism will prevent the price of Cordyceps from drastic fluctuations, and at the same time, it will reduce the income of evil miners and increase the cost of doing evil.

0x6 About bonus pool

Users will deduct part of the Cordyceps reward to the dividend pool according to the withdrawal rate, of which 10% will be allocated to your invitees, 30% will be allocated to the project team for development and operation, and 60% will be included in the bonus pool. If you have no invitees, 70% will be included in the dividend pool, and the rewards in the dividend pool will be distributed to Cordyceps holders from time to time.

0x7 About Cordyceps NFT

Cordyceps NFT will be coming soon, and start NFT mining. It should be noted that all Cordyceps NFT will be airdropped to users, and the team will not reserve it.